coolsculpting at home

Proprietary dual targeting cold packs use controlled temperatures to help you lose, tone and tighten stubborn areas on your sides, back and abs.

Tone and smooth upper arms to create more definition and eliminate sagging and give your thighs a smoother texture while decreasing the appearance of cellulite.

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blue-the original at-home fat freezing system!

Exciting new scientifically proven method for weight loss. blue, at-home fat freezing system, has our proprietary dual targeting technology which uses controlled temperatures to freeze and eliminate stubborn fat cells that are difficult to remove with just dieting and exercise alone. Effortlessly lose weight while doing some of your favorite hobbies, like reading books, watching tv shows or even while you sleep at night.*

Fat Freezing System
Outstanding Results!

In a recent test group, for as little as 1 hour, 3 times a week over 10 weeks produced outstanding results.

Keep in mind that each patient using this fat freezing treatment is unique and blue does not guarantee these specific results as they may vary from person to person. Results may vary based on a variety of factors.

Fatfreezing System
outstanding results

In a recent test group, for as little as 1 hour, 3 times a week over 10 weeks produced outstanding results.

Katie Appenheimer’s Story

My order arrived pretty quickly and with hopeful doubt I used the tape measure to document my thighs:  24.5 inches.  I used the blue system almost every weekday (on days my boyfriend wouldn’t see it so I didn’t have to explain what I assumed would be…

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Does the blue fat freeze system really work?

Yes. The blue fat freezing system absolutely works. At blue international we’ve spent the last several years developing, testing and improving our dual targeting technology to deliver perfect controlled cooling to freeze and eliminate fat.

How the science of fat freezing works…

When fat cells are repeatedly exposed to these specific temperatures a process known as “fat cell death” occurs, causing fat to naturally pass through your body. The result is visible fat loss and a reduction of cellulite. Fat freezing is not a myth or fad, it is a very real, clinically proven process that has been studied and proven in countless medical journals and publications. For more information, visit our science behind fat freezing page.


at-home fat freezing system!

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System includes:

3 dual targeting cold packs
1 universal size compression belly wrap
2 universal size compression arm and leg wraps

As always, shipping is built into the price so you never pay any extra (excluding orders outside the U.S.).